Upcoming Labour Shortage

According to the Conference Board of Canada, "beginning in 2014, if current trends continue, labour demand will exceed labour supply; therefore the projected [employment] gap will grow steadily larger. As a result, Ontario could face a shortfall of 190,000 workers in 2020 rising to 364,000 by 2025 and 564,000 by 2030." With 70% unemployment among persons with a disability, it is a logical and economic course of action to draw on this pool of untapped labour.

Cost-related Work Statistics
90% of persons with disabilities rate average or better on job   performance than their non-disabled colleagues.
86% of persons with disabilities rate average or better on   attendance.
98% of persons with disabilities rate average or better in   work safety than their non-disabled colleagues.

Attracting Customers & Empowering Employees
By reflecting the characteristics and values of their customers and staff, companies can reap benefits in two ways: 1) Creating a workplace with diversity and inclusiveness fosters job satisfaction for all employees. A sense of pride in one's workplace results in best effort, fewer sick days, and increased productivity. 2) Customers prefer to purchase goods and services which promote their values. It is estimated that in Canada persons with disabilities represent $25 billion in consumer spending. Establishing your organization as an equal opportunity employer who hires persons with disabilities as part of your human resource strategy will create customer loyalty.
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