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Investing in The Business Case

There are three facts facing every employer in Canada as they look to the future of their workforce and to building market share.
• With the impending labour shortage as baby boomers retire, persons with disabilities provide a valuable talent pool of workers to fill that gap.
• Statistics show employees with disabilities often score higher than their co-workers in job performance and job retention.
• Persons with disabilities represent an estimated $25 billion in spending power in Canada alone. A positive company policy towards persons with disabilities can also open up a greater market for your products and services.

“Recognizing that persons with disabilities are a source of skill and creativity will help a business to get the upper hand in a competitive market.”
Clint Mahlman, Vice President HR, London Drugs Ltd
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Influence and support NDEAM CANADA

NDEAM CANADA is an opportunity for employers to take part in a global movement that recognizes the economic sense of hiring persons with disabilities. Be a part of NDEAM CANADA now and see the benefits other employers such as Purolator, Tim Hortons and the Government of Canada have already achieved.
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“…employers need to become familiar with the business case for hiring people with disabilities and the benefits of including this talented source of labour in much higher numbers in Ontario and beyond.”

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David Onley, NDEAM Supporter, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario