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Filmmakers Liz Marshall & Andrea Cohen

On the making of A HIRE AWARENESS
Bob Santos, founder of NDEAM, and CEO of Canada’s Link UP Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities, hired LizMars Productions to produce an educational video for the NDEAM campaign. The video encapsulates Santos’s vision for a Canadian labour force which includes persons with disabilities, sees beyond disability to the talents of the individual, and recognizes them as a valuable source of labour.

Andrea Cohen, Director of A HIRE AWARENESS, is motivated by the concept of delivering a more balanced and fair perspective on persons with disabilities in the work force. “Working on this project first necessitated raising my own awareness towards the issues and myths facing persons with disabilities when they seek employment. If I could get it, the audience would get it. From there we were able to create a film that expressed through the characters and their real-life scenarios, the values and mandate of NDEAM”.

Producer Liz Marshall is a Toronto-based documentary Director and Producer. Her company, LizMars Productions Inc., has been creating artful, social justice oriented films and videos since 1994.

Director Andrea Cohen is a native of Paris, France, where she has worked in the film industry for a decade. Andrea splits her professional time between Toronto and Paris.

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“It was enlightening to learn more about the spectrum of disability that so many of us fall within. We hope that A HIRE AWARENESS will create needed transformation, acceptance, and recognition of skills
in the workforce.”

LizMars Productions supports NDEAM
Liz Marshal, Producer, A Hire Awareness - The Film