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NDEAM, or National Disability Employment Awareness Month, (October) is being established to increase the awareness of the positive outcomes of hiring persons with disabilities in Canada.

Canada lags behind the United States with disability initiatives but 16% of our working population is living with a disability. Bob Santos of Link Up Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities, has initiated the creation of NDEAM Canada to share, like NDEAM in the U.S., information among employers about hiring persons with disabilities. There will also be information about social services suppliers, like LinkUp, and employee success stories to illustrate the benefits to individuals, companies and society when abilities become the focus—and not disabilities.

Employers will be invited to support and be a part of a nationwide campaign, with a celebratory and planning month proposed for October. The business case for hiring persons with disabilities is clearly demonstrated—just click on the link below to read more.
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LizMars Productions created the film A HIRE AWARENESS to inspire employers to hire persons with disabilities and to illustrate the business case. It will also be used to build awareness of, and to fundraise for, NDEAM’s ambitious goals. Private sector employers who attend the film screenings of A HIRE AWARENESS across Canada will be invited to get involved!
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“Accessibility works for everyone — for employers, employees, and customers. What is required now is a 'hire' awareness.”

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Bob Santos, Founder, NDEAM Canada