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TIM & Purolator

TIM HICK - (Sales Representative with Purolator)
I had been a courier for nine years with Purolator before my accident. I suffered a spinal cord injury when I was 29. Our golden retriever jumped off the dock where I was swimming and landed on my neck. I think when you go through an experience like mine, you learn to see the glass as half full. You learn to enjoy what you’ve got and to appreciate what you can do. You make sure that you’re at your potential.

I still wanted satisfaction in a working capacity, and I was not going to sit in front of a TV for the rest of my life. I knew the Purolator business fairly well so I talked to our human resources about a transition into another role. They were very open to talking to me, and a position as sales representative was found suitable for me. I have even received fifteen awards in my new role illustrating that it was a great fit! Once I get talking to you, you’re going to forget that I’m sitting in a wheelchair. I work 7-8 hours a day. I do not want anyone to think I need to be treated differently.

“Tim has received 15 awards working as a sales representative for Purolator.”

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Tim Hick, Sales Rep., Purolator