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MARGARITA GORBOUNOVA - (Translator with Courts Translation Government Services Canada)
Having the challenge with my vision has made me stronger and more determined. I was born legally blind. That means I see around 10% of what a regular person can see. I’m a Paralympian in cross-country skiing, and I translate legal documents from French to English. I translate mostly court documents and some administrative documents for Justice Canada. I have software on my computer that enlarges the text, and my monitor is on an arm that I can move.

My biggest challenge right now is finding the time to do everything. I train six times a week, up to two hours a day. I also have competitions, so all of that takes time. At work, at this point, I translate about 1250 words a day and I’m striving towards 1500 words a day. I will work on each document until it’s the best that it can be. Basically, I’m interested in pushing my limits and seeing how far I can go. That’s really what motivates me.

“I think CEOs should give people with disabilities a chance. They can do as good a job or better. A disability is just something they have, not something that defines them.”

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Margarita Gorbounova, Translator, Government Services Canada